Office 2019 Installation Instructions

Microsoft Office 2019 Installation (May also be used to install Office 2016)

  • These steps will work to install Office on any Windows 10 machine:

Step 1: Open the email that you received after your purchase, then click on the download  link. 

Step 2: If given the option, click to save the file 

Depending on your browser, click Save, Run, Setup, or Click on the file from the bottom of your browser. 

Step 3: Execute the downloaded file (from within your browser or your downloads folder) and wait for the installation to complete. 

Step 4: Once the download is complete, run any Office Application (EX: WORD).

  • To open an application just hit the start button (which is the Windows logo) found at the bottom left of your screen (or Windows logo on your keyboard) and find the application.

**Apps will show up in alphabetical order, so Word would be under “W”, Excel would be under “E” etc. Or simply start typing the name of the application you would like to open, when you hit the start button**

When you first open up an application it will ask you to either “Sign in to your Microsoft account” or will ask to “Confirm your account”.

If asked to “Sign in to your Microsoft account”, go to step 5A

If asked to “Confirm your account” go to step 5B

Step 5A: Once you open up an application, it will ask you to “Sign in to your Microsoft account”. Since you have a key, you will have to hit “I don’t want to sign in or create a Microsoft account”

  • Move to step 6

Step 5B: Once you open up an application, it will ask you to“Confirm your account”, since you have a key, you will have to hit “Use a different account”.

  • Move back to step 5A

Step 6: You’ll then be prompted to enter the license key you were given. You can find that in the same email you downloaded from. 

Once you enter the key into the program and hit “Activate Office”, your program should automatically activate itself as well as all the other apps.

If it successfully activates, you’re free to use the apps as you normally would.

However, if it doesn’t activate correctly, please see our “Office Activation” help post, here.

If you have any other problems/errors, please reach out to us immediately by either visiting us via our live chat or emailing us. 

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